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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Smartphone Effect

In the days of this era, there are various types of high-tech tools in the market in line with the progress such as smartphones.
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Smartphone technology is one of the tools that is very familiar to us.  Most of the smartphone users are come from young people which is follow the current trend.

In existing sophistication, we often forget about aspects of humanity, the humanity meant about relationships and interactions among human. Many young people have lost this humanity attitude. With their smartphone, they do not seem to need people around them. The time should be allocated for families and the more important thing will also be affected as a result of negligence while using the smartphone.

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This technological progress should be made as progress has been turned into a disease among the youngster. As a human who can think about good and bad should have been more wisely choose. Misuse of the technology capable will be destroying moral values in society and instillation should be parallel to the absorption of technology in society.

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