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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Find My iPhone

What is "Find My iPhone?"

'Find My iPhone' (or another name for each device is Find My iPhone, Find My iPod and Find My Mac) is an application created by Apple itself to help users recover the device has been lost. The application works with Apple ID account that is automatically registered with iCloud. Find My iPhone app requires an Internet connection either wifi or cellular to work.

The functions included in the Find My iPhone:


1. Location & Direction: you can know where your iDevice either missing or wrong place and signpost with the Maps application.

2. Play Sound: for the missing at close range (around the house) you can ring the iDevice even at high volume device Silent or Muted.

* 3. Lost Mode: you can lock Device with 4-digit passcode to protect your personal data and display a message such loss No phone to be called back for anyone who finds.

* 4. Erase: you can get rid of all existing data on your iDevice iDevice but the location can not be known after the erase. For devices that have been updated to iOS 7, Apple has added functionality such as:

- Activation Locked erase the device has been activated and will not be stuck on apple login id

- Apple id account needed for off Find My iPhone, sign out iCloud, erase and turn your iDevice

* for this option, they can benefit thieves to sell the device as spare part (last choice) after failing to get into the device. preferably do not do it first

How to launch applications and settings Find My iPhone?

at the iDevice
1. Open the appstore, find and install Find My iPhone.

2. Go to Settings> iCloud> Apple ID account sign in> scroll down and set On the Find My iPhone.


3. Go back to Settings> Privacy> Location Services> Set On.


4. In the Location Services> scroll down> Find My iPhone> Set On and Off Set on Status Bar Icon (to prevent thieves know iDevice middle detected)


5. Finish

in March
1. Open System Preferences


2. Go to iCloud, Apple ID account, sign in and go to the bottom. Tick Find My March


3. Done

If iDevice I lost, what should I do?

1. Do not panic

2. You can use two methods:

A. through the iDevice friend
- Open the application FInd My iPhone and Apple ID account sign in


- Select your iDevice


- On the screen you can know where your iDevice and make a sound, lock and erase your iDevice


- To guide the way, until the existing car icon on the top right


- It will open the Maps application, and you can know the road and the distance from your location to location iDevice


B. via computer and icloud.com
- Go to the website and sign in icloud.com Apple ID account


- Click on the Find My iPhone


- There you can know the location and make a sound, lock and erase your iDevice